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Approved Third Party Processing

  File Size
Florida Specific State Requirements 255Kb
Virginia State Specific Requirements 45Kb

Broker Compensation Forms

  File Size
TPO Compensation Plan 174Kb

Customer Loan Servicing and Payment Information

  File Size
Servicing Bi-Weekly Payment Information” 388Kb

Helpful Tools

  File Size
Setting Up FHLMC LP Access 867Kb
USDA GUS Lender Agent Access 204Kb
Tangible Net Benefit 27Kb
Appraisal Reconsideration and Second Appraisal Ordering 150Kb
RD Guarantee Upfront & Annual Fee Calculator 1002Kb
VA IRRRL Max Mortgage Worksheet 657Kb
Inter Vivos Revocable Trust Checklist 62Kb
Gift Letter – Non-FHA 227Kb
Gift Letter – FHA 233Kb
Wholesale Road Map 376Kb
URLA Error Troubleshooting Guide 848Kb
Getting The Gift Right Guide 1194Kb
Appraisal Reconsideration Request Form 128Kb
UW Help Desk FAQ Union Employment 126Kb
Appraisals: FNMA and Freddie Desktop Appraisals 0Kb
UHM TPO LLPA Reference Guide Revised 03-20-23 513Kb

Job Aids

  File Size
UHMGO Job Aid – Wholesale Disclosure Functionality (IDS) 7168Kb
Borrower eSign Instructions 815Kb
VA Disclosure Job Aide 1067Kb
UHMGo 1003 Guide - DU and LP Solutions 1637Kb
Maxex Job Aide 258Kb
UHMGo! DU & Credit Troubleshooting Guide 1131Kb

Non-Delegated Correspondent (NDC) Information

  File Size
Pre-Close Review Audit Overview/Checklist (if option selected by Partner) 69Kb
NDC Fulfillment Provider Contact Information 127Kb
NDC Eligibility Requirements 112Kb
NDC Roadmap (Loan Submission Workflow) 319Kb
Managing NDC User Accounts in UHMGO 944Kb
Quick Reference for an Original Note and an Allonge to Note 3258Kb

Overlays & Lending Guide

  File Size
TPO Overlays for FNMA & FHLMC 174Kb
TPO Overlays for GNMA 176Kb
TPO Lending Guide 2026Kb

Policies & Procedures

  File Size
Interest Credit Policy 149Kb
Large Deposit Requirements 134Kb
Alternative Credit Policy rev 134Kb
Cash Back Guidance 183Kb
Compensating Factors Used on Loans with Layered Risk 109Kb
Gift Funds Requirements 99Kb
Understanding Mortgage Recasting - Cenlar 125Kb
Waiting Periods for Significant Credit Events 220Kb
Desktop Appraisals Overview 121Kb
Non-Mortgage Charge-Offs 227Kb
Power of Attorney Policy, Version 5.0 223Kb
VA Agreement 251Kb
Insurance: Hazard Fact Sheet 199Kb
Compliance Manual 2052Kb

Product Guidelines

  File Size
Product Matrix 125Kb
USDA Streamline vs Streamline 167Kb
Comparison Guide Freddie Mac Home Possible and FHA 203b 209Kb
Fannie Mae Fixed-Rate Mortgages 190Kb
Freddie Mac Standard Fixed Products 121Kb
FHA 203B 167Kb
VA Product Matrix 181Kb
FHA Manual Underwriting Job Aid 172Kb
Maxex Jumbo Arm 194Kb
Maxex Jumbo Fixed 231Kb
Agency Fixed High Balance Program 246Kb
USDA Streamline Refinance Overview 486Kb
Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Differences Guide 171Kb
USDA Streamline Refinance Assistance 275Kb
Symmetry Consumer Authorization Form 696Kb
Symmetry Submission Form 167Kb
Symmetry Qualification Worksheet 66Kb
Symmetry Credit and Income Guidelines 261Kb
Temporary Buydown Product Summary 152Kb

Property Type (Condo, PUD, MH)

  File Size
Manufactured Home Checklist 107Kb
Manufactured Home Information 209Kb
MH FNMA Advantage Program FAQs 119Kb
MH Advantage Guidelines 233Kb
Certification for PUD Detached Condo Review 270Kb
Condo Project Insurance Request Form 172Kb
Site Condo and Detached Condo Job Aid 312Kb
Condo Project Questionnaire 318Kb
Deferred Maintenance Re-Certification 112Kb
Manufactured Homes Affixation & Surrender of Title 405Kb
FHA Condo Single Unit Approval Questionnaire 335Kb
Insurance Guidance (Hazard, Condo, HO-6, Flood) 622Kb

UHM Mortgagee Clause, Lender IDs, Title Proposed Insured and CPL Address

  File Size
Mortgagee Clause Payment and Tax Addresses 132Kb